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In the spirit of keeping things real, I had an epic dinner fail last night. True, it was dinner for my husband, son and my son’s girlfriend, but seriously, these are the people that I ultimately care most about and wish to serve up the best to. It had been one of those days. Can I share with you the most embarrassing moment of the afternoon?

Driving down the mountain to pick up Ric, who had been skiing with a friend all day, I suddenly hear a chirping noise coming from the car. I listen intently trying to decipher where the sound is coming from, all-the-while navigating a winding snow-packed road. It became louder and more urgent and suddenly I recognized the sound as that of a squirrel or pack rat, a cute gerbil looking rodent that lives in the mountains and often makes a cozy nest under the hoods of a cars. One time, just before I driving off, for some unknown reason I felt compelled to turn off the engine and lift the hood of one of our cars that we don’t use often. To my surprise, I was greeted by four sets of sleepy eyes blinking at me as the sun hit their little baby gerbil faces.
I felt ill thinking that there was a terrified animal under the hood screaming for it’s life, but there was no place for me to pull the car over. As I came to the bottom of the hill, there was a loud scream and then nothing.


Just then, my phone rang- it was Ric. I was almost in tears as I told him what I had heard. As I came around the corner to meet up with Ric and our friend, they both had concerned, yet slightly amused looks on their faces as only a couple of guys would. I was genuinely upset so when Ric lifted the hood, I couldn’t bear to look. When he said he saw nothing, I had to get out to see for myself. I got back in the car and immediately heard the chirping again. Relieved that whatever it was making the noise was still alive, I couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. Ric got in the car too and looked baffled. Then he picked up a travel mug, and we heard it chirp, WHAT? My terrified squirrel was a coffee mug that was crying because of the changing altitude as I drove down the hill??? Enter humiliation, embarrassment, and shame.
Ric’s hysterical laughter and coining me “adorable” didn’t help much, nor the fact that he couldn’t wait to text his buddy who drove off before the gruesome discovery, and who thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

The fact that I was later able to demolish this beautiful display of provisions, rendering them all almost inedible was the icing on my crappy cake of a day.



So what does one do with a day like this? Swallow some humble pie, remember that even though my husband enjoyed my embarrassment WAY too much, he is as goofy as me and the love of my life, and I was fortunate enough to spend some quiet time with my son and his lovely girlfriend, even if they were subjected to my horrible dinner. At the end of the day, I get to climb into a warm bed with my man in the very safe and beautiful place where we live, cat and dog in tow with a lovely fire going in the fireplace. It could be a whole lot worse and I am always aware of how fortunate I am. The best part of the deal, I get to start all over again today.

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